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Car Driving Simulator PC

The game racing cockpit simulators are immense amusement makers. Mainly the OpenWheeler home driving cockpit. You can have the OpenWheeler at home and enjoy an unparalleled realism compared to with the sofa, couch, bureau or any ordinary chair or table.

Car Driving Simulator Pc

The OpenWheeler home driving simulator seat delivers a lot more than it vouches for - supreme fun while playing any driver game suited for PlayStation (PS2 and PS3), Xbox & Wii video game consoles. The OpenWheeler racing seat is worth $400 dollars (USA, Canada) or £270 (two hundred and seventy GBP) (UK, Europe).

Car Driving Simulator PC
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Open Wheeler Video Game Racing Cockpit
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Is the OpenWheeler video game chair compact?

Certainly: OpenWheeler's framework, combined with the seat, has been particularly constructed to be as much foldable as possible. It takes simply a few seconds for the simulator to acquire a...

Experience the same passion that real race drivers feel behind the wheel

Racing Game Simulator Review Today, car racing chairs make you feel the same thrill that actual racing drivers experience behind the wheel. Now it's possible to drive your own Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, F1 or WRC in your own...